Vaughters for Business Insider: The most important skill every leader needs to succeed

    Cannondale-Drapac boss Jonathan Vaughters penned this column for Business Insider about what he considers most important leadership skill within any organization and his tips for putting this skill into action. It’s a fantastic read and lends insight into our Le Tour de France strategy. We’ve cherry-picked one of our favorite bits to share below.

    But beyond all the MBA babble, the most important skill in running a cycling team is managing people, as with every other business — managing people in a highly competitive, unstable, cutthroat, and visible environment. In a way it’s also a pressure-cooker test for what types of management will work in other lines of business.

    So what can other businesses learn from the management of athletes and professional sports teams? Quite a few things, but if I were to boil it down to the one skill I see most corporate management needing to grasp a bit better, it’s this:

    Learn to make collective and individual ambitions the same thing.

    And do so at all costs.

    Read the whole thing over on Business Insider.