Uran won that Tour sprint on a singlespeed

    Caley Fretz from VeloNews spoke to the Max Ruphy, the Mavic mechanic who leaned out the window of the Mavic neutral support vehicle to work on Rigoberto Uran’s bike in the closing kilometers of stage nine. Ruphy’s quick thinking better-positioned Uran in to contend for the stage win on a bike with broken gears.

    Urán’s derailleur hanger was bent, his shifting broken and skipping and his derailleur pinging against the spokes. With less than 20km remaining and a stage win on the line he asked a yellow-clad Mavic neutral service mechanic to reach down at race speed and fix it.

    “We came through and I saw the gears, the derailleur hanger was bent,” said Max Ruphy, the Mavic mechanic who leaned out the window. “It was touching the spokes. It was stuck at the top. So I put it in the middle, and it wasn’t still working. I tried reconnecting it and still wasn’t working. So I just told him I’ll put it on the biggest gear, on the 11, so you can finish and don’t loose time. And he was like ‘Yes let’s do it.’”

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