Unserious Questions: Parking motos and rebutting Cipollini

    It’s the third round of the popular VeloNews series “Unserious Questions” with Alex Howes, Joe Dombrowski, Chad Haga (Sunweb), Peter Stetina (Trek Segafredo) and Joey Rosskopf (BMC). The quintet fielded questions from Caley Fretz on the second Giro d’Italia rest day.

    Most random thought you had while climbing Blockhaus?

    Stetina: That’s it, ‘stache has gotta go. All this snot and sweat keeps funneling into my mouth. Can you drown in your own mucous?
    Dombrowski: There was a bit of soft, freshly-laid tarmac. My wheels sunk in. It felt like a cyclocross sand pit.
    Howes: I want steak. So much steak. Vegans would never understand my current need for steak. Tofu can’t help me now. (This thought does not accurately portray my feelings and respect for vegans/vegetarians. Their choice to abstain from meat does our planet a great service.)
    Haga: Avoid the patches of new tarmac, they’re still soft.
    Rosskopf: Where are the Grubers, I need a friendly face.

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