Unserious Questions: How to describe the Giro

    The VeloNews Grand Tour tradition came to its (Italian) end on Monday. Unserious Questions is a weekly column that features a Q&A style interview with several Americans racing any given three-week long stage race. The questions are, as the column name suggests, the lesser asked (never asked) questions that make for a quick and catchy yet informative read. For the 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia, Alex Howes and Joe Dombrowski are among the featured riders.

    What’s the most Italian thing that happened to you this month?

    Howes: A real negroni.
    Stetina: Giro transfers. Always a “grande casino.”
    Haga: Eating 10 pizzas with my team and enjoying celebratory beers on the curb after today’s podium ceremony.
    Rosskopf: Us: “Could we have some cappuccinos, please?” Bar owner: “If you want cappuccinos you can go down the street. I only serve coffee.”
    Dombrowski: I said scusi to non-Italians a few times without thinking.

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