A rest day edition of #FairlyGroupFriday Fan Q&A

    Welcome to a rest day edition of #FairlyGroupFriday. Our Tour de France squad answered your questions ahead of what’s shaping up to be a crucial third week.

    New to this whole #FairlyGroupFriday thing? Here’s how it works. Every week we put out a call for questions on our social media channels. You ask your most pressing questions. Cannondale-Drapac answers. The series launched during the Giro d’Italia (read up here), and we’re back at it at the Tour.

    Now let’s dive into this week’s Q&A

    1. If you were not a professional cyclist, what would be your profession?

    Taylor Phinney: Unemployed
    Andrew Talansky: Not sure
    Nate Brown: I would run Hot Tubes junior team.
    Paddy Bevin: Something in the engineering field.
    Simon Clarke: A professional surfer
    Dylan van Baarle: Sport director and living on a vacation island like Mallorca (Hey Andreas Klier – sound like anyone you know?!)
    Alberto Bettiol: Astronaut
    Pierre Rolland: I’ve only ever wanted to be a cyclist.
    Rigoberto Uran: Astronaut

    2. What has surprised you most about this Tour so far?

    Phinney: The incredible amount of fans
    Talansky: I’ve done the Tour a few times now. This one seems pretty par for the course so far.
    Brown: The amount of fans. I always knew the fans were crazy at the Tour, but this is unreal.
    Bevin: So far (we’re only two weeks in after all) I’m surprised at how great our hotels have been.
    Clarke: How well the team is riding!
    Van Baarle: That we’re doing so well in the general classification
    Bettiol: The crowds. They are the most unique and special but also the most dangerous part of the Tour.
    Rolland: How little dead time there is.

    3. What’s the strangest podium prize you’ve ever received?

    Phinney: A leather jacket. I still wear it.
    Brown: I don’t know if this is the strangest, but I got a gallon of maple syrup once.
    Bevin: A ceramic mariachi sculpture that did not survive the trip home from Mexico.
    Clarke: A used crank screwed to a piece of wood
    Van Baarle: A diamond
    Bettiol: A sculpture made of soap
    Rolland: The sprint jersey at Volta Catalunya this year
    Uran: 60 kilos of maple syrup in Quebec

    4. What’s your favorite off-the-bike part of your day at the Tour?

    Phinney: Reading books
    Talansky: Making my Peet’s coffee in the morning. The whole routine lends a sense of normalcy to something that is about as far from normal as you can get.
    Brown: Eating
    Bevin: Answering Fairly Group Friday questions.
    Clarke: Lying down
    Van Baarle: Waking up next to Taylor
    Bettiol: The shower straight after the finish on the bus.
    Rolland: Dinner and massage
    Uran: Rest, massage, talk to the staff and look at the next stage

    5. Who is the best rider in the bunch (not including your teammates) to a) follow in a race b) chat with in a race?

    Phinney: I follow no one. I want to chat with Cav but he’s not here anymore. Wahhhh!
    Talansky: Dan Martin is always good for chat. We were teammates for quite awhile, so it’s always nice to catch up with him.
    Brown: Kittel gives a great draft.
    Bevin: I’ll follow anyone who has been doing this a long time, and I like to chat to my compariots in the bunch.
    Clarke: Adam Hansen
    Van Baarle: If I want to move to the front fast, I follow a sprint. I like to chat with Jos van Emden.
    Bettiol: Fabio Felline from Trek is the best wheel; Fabio Sabatini from QuickStep is the best for a chat.
    Rolland: Thomas Voeckler
    Uran: I like to ride in the middle of the peloton to save energy. I look to talk with any of the Colombian guys in the race.

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