Tour de France stage nine power analysis: The numbers behind Uran’s winning ride

    Our friends at TrainingPeaks were super excited when they saw that Rigoberto Uran had uploaded his Garmin file to their system the day after his winning ride. They’ve dissected the race-winning data to provide insight and analysis into the numbers behind a mountain stage victory at the Tour.


    Duration: 5:07:22
    Speed: 35.4kph
    Training Load: 319 TSS
    Average Power: 219w, 3.78 w/kg
    Normalized Power: 292w, 4.63 w/kg


    With the start of the stage starting on a climb—combined with a very aggressive start—it was clear there was a big effort from the start gun for the entire peloton.

    In the opening 11 kms there were two climbs, Côte des Neyrolles and Col de Bérentin, both taken at a hard pace. Uran rode the opening 10.4 km in 25:20 minutes at 307w, 4.87w/kg.

    This was a hard start, and the riders still had a long way to go with five categorized climbs to come. At this point of the race, a large group of 30+ riders left the peloton and would go on to play a big part in the final of the race.

    Read the full analysis here.