A Sunday edition of #FairlyGroupFriday Fan Q&A

    It’s round three of #FairlyGroupFriday. The third part of the four-part Fan Q&A series features our entire Amgen Tour of California squad that recently scored our first WorldTour win of the season. All questions come from fan submissions via Twitter and Facebook. Have anything you want to know? Hit us up using #FairlyGroupFriday on Twitter or in response to our call-out for questions on social media.

    If Cannondale delivered the race bikes as framesets and parts, which of your teammates would get his bike race ready the quickest?

    Brendan Canty: Kristijan Koren
    Alberto Bettiol: Davide Formolo
    Wouter Wippert: Hugh Carthy
    Lawson Craddock: Alex Howes
    Toms Skujins: Alex Howes. He has the skills of a magician.
    Taylor Phinney: Alex Howes

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked to sign?

    Canty: Cycling cap from a different WorldTour team
    Bettiol: Once in Japan they asked me to sign an iPhone
    Wippert: A saddle
    Craddock: I signed someone’s back once.
    Andrew Talansky: Always interesting to me when people ask me to sign a bike. It’s there forever. That’s a big commitment
    Skujins: iPhone
    Phinney: A larger than life size poster of my face

    What’s the last movie you watched and would you recommend it?

    Canty: La La Land on the flight to the States. I highly enjoyed it, so I’d recommend it.
    Bettiol: The Founder. Yes, I recommend it.
    Wippert: Fast and Furious 8. 100% recommend.
    Craddock: Kill Bill. Hell yeah.
    Skujins: Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, I recommend it.
    Phinney: Coming to America. Of course I recommend it. Eddie Murphy. 80s.

    Which of your teammates is most likely to know by heart all the lyrics of R. Kelly’s Ignition (Remix)?

    Canty: Mike Woods
    Wippert: Taylor Phinney
    Brown: Lawson Craddock
    Craddock: My wife
    Skujins: Easy. Hugh Carthy
    Phinney: Maybe me

    Fill in the blank. I love racing in the United States because ________________.

    Canty: The fans really get behind and support the riders
    Bettiol: The hotel rooms are so huge, and the beds are so comfortable.
    Wippert: The hotels have queen beds.
    Brown: In and Out Burger
    Craddock: Food
    Talansky: It’s home!
    Skujins: The fans are considerate, loud and the good kind of crazy
    Phinney: Chipotle

    Who is the first person you call/text after a race?

    I usually don’t text straight after a stage unless something dramatic happens, but in general it’s my family or my girlfriend
    Bettiol: My girlfriend
    Wippert: My girl
    Brown: My girlfriend
    Craddock: My wife
    Talansky: My wife Kate
    Skujins: Vaughters
    Phinney: I usually end up talking to my mom. She texts me every day.

    Who on the team would win a dance off?

    Canty: Rigoberto Uran
    Bettiol: Taylor Phinney
    Wippert: Alberto Bettiol
    Brown: Taylor Phinney
    Craddock: Taylor Phinney
    Skujins: I reckon our swanny John Adams would just crush everyone. They call him Disco Johnny for a reason.
    Phinney: Nate Brown.

    If you could have one super power, what would you choose?

    Canty: Ability to fly
    Bettiol: Something to let me come back to the past
    Wippert: Invisibility
    Craddock: Spider-Man powers
    Skujins: The ability to turn anything into potatoes
    Phinney: Fourth dimensionality

    What food/drink would you eat more of if you weren’t a pro cyclist?

    Canty: Red wine and pizza
    Bettiol: Tiramisu
    Wippert: Cocktails
    Brown: Mexican
    Craddock: Margaritas
    Talansky: There isn’t one thing. I enjoy everything in moderation. Balance is the key.
    Skujins: More beer!
    Phinney: Cigarettes (laughs)

    Who has the best taste in music? The worst?

    Canty: Phinny. He loves creating his own beats. Not sure who has the worst taste. I’d love to know what everyone else listens to while warming up.
    Bettiol: The best is Taylor; the worst is Formolo
    Wippert: Dylan van Baarle is the best. The worst is Canty.
    Brown: Alex Howes has the best taste in music.
    Craddock: Phinney. And Phinney.
    Skujins: Phinney has the best and sometimes the worst.
    Phinney: Worst I would say Lawson. Country. Best taste in music – can I say myself? Is that weird? I can’t say myself.

    If you could have a redo on any day of your career, which would it be and why?

    Canty: Probably 2017 National Road Champions to see if anything would have been different had I counted laps properly.
    Bettiol: I would redo my first year as a pro and weigh less
    Brown: None
    Talansky: I live in the present. The past is the past. When it’s done, it’s done.
    Skujins: None. I’ve really enjoyed the path my career has taken me on, and I love where I am.
    Phinney: That’s an impossible question to answer. No. There are too many variables.

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