Cannondale-Drapac announce new environmental initiative at TDF: <2°C

    Cannondale-Drapac is proud to announce the development of a new environmental program, <2°C. Starting at the Tour de France, the team will sport white socks emblazoned in team colors and the <2°C logo.
    So what does <2°C mean?
    “We want to keep the spotlight on the progress being made to achieve the primary goal of the Paris Accord — maintain global temperature increase to less than 2 degrees Celsius,” said president of Slipstream Sports, Matt Johnson.
    The program is newly developed, and in the near term will offer individuals and businesses a way to quantify and highlight sustainability efforts.
    For individuals, <2°C is a way to support verifiable carbon reduction and showcase its importance by wearing the <2°C badge.
    “It’s a way to make others stop and think about what they can do today to reduce their carbon footprint,” Johnson said. “We want to break the 24-hour news cycle around global sustainability and create an ever-present story around achieving <2°C.”
    For corporations, <2°C will highlight sustainability efforts and provide consumers a way to know which companies are working hard to help lower the global temperature. <2°C is also developing ways for corporations to showcase verifiable carbon reductions.
    “We started <2°C as an initiative for our pro cycling team and athletes to showcase our dedication to confronting climate change and helping individuals express their commitment to healing the planet,” Johnson said.
    “We asked ourselves what if we could take the millions of TV views and social media conversations our team generates for corporate partners and concentrate that publicity on the Paris Accord’s goal of limiting global temperature increase to ‘No more than 2 degrees.’ While we are only at the beginning, we hope to build <2°C to the point where we can point to meaningful and verifiable year over year impact on reducing carbon emissions,” Johnson said.
    As part of the <2°C effort, the team is going through the review process that <2°C is setting up for all corporate partners to verify our carbon emissions. We will then implement a verifiable carbon emissions reduction initiative.
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