#GreenArgyle reflections on the 100th Giro d’Italia

    Last night at the team’s farewell dinner, our DS Fabrizio Guidi stood up to give a toast. He skipped the usual stuff. Instead he said that he hoped we’d all leave this Giro knowing we had friends all over the world. After a staff and riders work through a grand tour together, there’s a change that takes place. You’re closer. We won a stage, we rode competitively. It was a great Giro. Thanks for following along with us. See you all at the Tour. – Matthew Beaudin, Cannondale-Drapac communications director

    DS Charly Wegelius

    Accidents happen in three week races, and good teams can come to the line with six or seven riders. I think the fact that nine of them came to the line pretty healthy says a lot about the depth of the team. They supported each other when one was having a bad time. They had a great atmosphere between themselves, and I think they showed that on the road. It wasn’t that we had one rider that was head and shoulders above everyone else. It was the whole group that was on a high level.

    Pierre Rolland

    For sure, I was happy when I won but when I came to the hotel and I saw everyone, my teammates and my staff, so happy for me, that was almost a happier moment. It’s not only one rider that wins the race. It’s one team – the whole team with all the staff. I saw in every face happiness and for me that’s what I will remember most.

    Mike Woods

    You don’t do a lot of races where there’s a satisfaction in completion. I think I feel like a person that hasn’t trained much and has completed a marathon. You know, like 99 percent of the people that do marathons are happy with the finisher’s medal and tinfoil blanket. That’s me right now.

    The best moment? Easy. Pierre’s win, setting that up. In the final, even in the last 80km, although we were racing a WorldTour race with helicopters buzzing above us and with real hitters with us, it felt like we were racing a local race. It was such unstructured racing. You don’t get that much in the WorldTour. It was so much fun. Pierre and I were just pinging it, playing off each other. It was so cool to win that way.

    Joe Dombrowski

    I have mixed feelings. I didn’t come in as prepared as I would like, but that’s sometimes beyond your control. I started to ride better throughout the race. Going forward, I should be riding well – even if I didn’t get something out of the Giro itself. It’s still my favorite grand tour. It always will be.

    Tom-Jelte Slagter

    When I think about this Giro, for sure I’ll remember the nice stage win of Pierre and that we were working really well as a group together. We had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was really good in the team. That helps a lot. And I think that’s also a big reason we have nine guys at the finish, have the stage win of Pierre, have Formolo in tenth place in GC.

    Kristijan Koren

    My opinion is that every big race is the same. It’s important to finish. This is my eighth big three-week race to finish. I’m happy because I didn’t crash. It was a good race with the team with one victory and the top ten. It’s perfect.

    Davide Villella

    My favorite part of the Giro was the third week because it was the hardest part. We did a really great job with Pierre and Davide with GC. In my part, I missed a victory, but together I think we did great.

    Hugh Carthy

    It was about how I expected it to be. The last week was the week you had to be fresh for. Psychologically it was quite difficult. My performance wasn’t what I had hoped. I had to keep picking myself up. It was a great experience, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

    Davide Formolo

    Finally it’s over. It was the goal to be in the top ten, and in end we got it. It was a long Giro with a very hard last week. We had some fun, some efforts, some pain. It’s all normal. I’m very happy.

    The team was amazing. I didn’t expect much support in the race. I knew I could be good, but I still don’t know my limits. I’m getting better every race. The team helped me a lot for the whole race, and I’m really proud to have their support.

    Alex Howes

    This was first Giro, my first pink journey. It was nice. I feel kind of cheated in a lot of ways because it never rained. There were no crashes. There was nothing that crazy. All that stuff you hear about the Giro? Never happened. It’s certainly very challenging. Physically it’s demanding. There is a lot of up and down, a lot of long days. Would I do it again? Totally.