From food to fuel, a behind-the-scenes look at one Tour team’s magic bus

    Tour de France facts and figures: How much do we spend on fuel during July? What’s the staff-to-rider ratio at the Tour? Just how much do our riders eat every day? Where does everyone sit on the bus? ESPN explains.

    The Tour de France is nothing if not grueling. To overcome the three-week test of endurance and speed over 2,200 miles, cyclists rely on a team of other cyclists, doctors, mechanics, chefs and more. Ahead of the 104th Tour, starting Saturday, we went behind the scenes with Team Cannondale-Drapac, one of three U.S.-based teams that qualified, to find out just what it takes to compete in the world’s most iconic cycling race.

    Wheels on the Bus

    When the riders aren’t cycling or sleeping, they’re on the team bus. This locker room on wheels transports the riders and staff between stages and carries enough food and gear to keep them in top shape. The riders spend one to three hours on the bus each day, and navigate around just two feet of aisle space to make themselves snacks, use the bathroom and charge their phones.

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