#FairlyGroupFriday Fan Q&A: Giro 100 is underway

    Our friends at the Fairly Group have partnered with us on a four-part series that we’ll run for the duration of the Giro. Here’s how it works. We’ll put a call out for questions on Thursday and Fridays – and pick the best (quirkiest, least race-related, most fun) questions among the submissions. Then we’ll pose your questions to our Giro squad.

    We got some great questions (and answers!) for round one of the series. But don’t take our word for it – read on…

    Which Cannondale-Drapac Giro rider would win a team-wide arm-wrestling competition?

    Hugh Carthy: I don’t know but I would lose.
    Kristijan Koren: Maybe Slagter
    Pierre Rolland: Not me. I think Kristijan.
    Davide Formolo: Hugh Carthy…or maybe Koren. Yeah, Koren. Koko for sure.
    Mike Woods: For sure Koko, but Howes would put up a good fight before finishing second.
    Davide Villella: Carthy [laughs so hard he snorts]
    Joe Dombrowski: Carthy or Koko.
    Tom-Jelte Slagter: We just did it. [Gestures toward Formolo]. I won.

    Where’s the best place you’ve ridden your bike?

    Carthy: Home in England. It’s nice to meet up with friends I’ve known since I was a child and stop at cafes I used to stop in all the time. These days, it’s nostalgia.
    Koren: Home in Slovenia. There are other places in the world that are nice, but nothing is like home
    Rolland: That’s easy. Alps. French Alps.
    Formolo: It depends on the season. The weather makes a big difference during the year. In the summer, I like Bormio. You can ride Passo Stelvio, Passo Gavia. You can go to Livigno. There’s a lot of parcours you can do, and in the summer, when it’s hot in much of Italy, you can go to Bormio, which is already 1000 meters above the sea level, so it’s a bit more fresh. You can enjoy riding your bike in August. That’s not possible at my home. In the winter, I like to move to Tenerife. It’s sunny. There’s a lot of climbing. You can do a ride and relax a bit in the sun. You’re still working but you can spend an hour in the sun, and I can really appreciate that.
    Woods: Lucca, Italy
    Villella: Italy
    Dombrowski: Nice, France. That’s why I live there.
    Slagter: Around Jasper for Tour of Alberta

    What’s strangest conversation you’ve had or heard in the peloton?

    Carthy: The strangest conversations are not in the peloton, they’re around the dinner table. Want to hear strange? Turn your recorder on at dinner tonight and don’t tell anyone.
    Koren: There’s a lot of talking about girls.
    Rolland: Why does the washing machine always eat the socks? I don’t know! Nobody does.
    Formolo: I don’t like to talk too much in the bunch. You have to be switched on during a race, even in the relaxed moments.
    Dombrowski: What happens in the peloton stays in the peloton.
    Woods: Today I talked with Sven Tuft about how billionaires are actually more likely to have sons than daughters. I read it in this Economist article. Sveno and I always have interesting conversations.
    Villella: The strangest conversations are when I’m on the table for massage [said while on the table during a massage]
    Slagter: [laughs] That’s a good question but I really don’t know. Nothing jumps out now, but I’ll definitely remember this the next time we’re talking about something crazy.

    What’s your favorite beer?

    Carthy: Nothing specific but I like a nice British ale in a nice British pub with a packet of pork scratchings
    Koren: Leffe
    Formolo: Any beer when it’s hot outside and you can sit and relax and drink. That’s like a dream.
    Woods: I have to go with the classic Quebec beer, Unibroue
    Villella: Corona
    Slagter: Leffe
    Dombrowski: Dombrewski

    What’s the last song you listened to?

    Carthy: something by Dr. Alimantado
    Rolland: Hall of Fame by The Script
    Formolo: I like Italian songs. Probably something Italian. I don’t know.
    Woods: Roses by Outkast
    Villella: Californication by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Slagter: Show Me Love by Robin Schulz

    What’s the best meal #GreenArgyle team chef Sean Fowler makes?

    Carthy: Most cyclists would probably say something having to do with red meat, but I’m a big fan of fish, so it would have to be one of his fish dishes. I’ve only done one race with him, so I’m not the best one to ask. I think he’s going to roll out the extra good stuff when morale takes a dip in week two or three.
    Koren: Pasta Pepperocini. It’s spicy.
    Rolland: Salmon with vegetables on top
    Formolo: I like when he makes cold soup. He does one with watermelon and mint. That’s really nice. I like strange foods, and this is something different.
    Woods: The salmon is really good. He puts mustard on it.
    Villella: Salmon
    Dombrowski: The last night of Grand Tours when we have burgers, fries and tiramisu. I also love his steak tartare.
    Slagter: I like his salmon a lot.