The Athlete’s Meditation: A Conversation with Taylor Phinney and Dr. Allen Lim

    We’re digging this conversation between Skratch Labs founder Dr. Allen Lim and #GreenArgyle Taylor Phinney for HeadSpace. The pair talk about Phinney’s meditation practice: how it began, why it’s important, how he incorporates it into his day and what he hopes it inspires in his teammates.

    Our favorite Q&A is below. You can read the rest of the conversation here.

    Lim: I think what you’ve realized is that emotional states are infectious. Good or bad, they spread like viruses. So, if you’re in a team or group situation and you’re experiencing a lot of negativity, how do you change the mood state?

    Phinney: Being part of a sport like cycling—a sport that identifies with suffering—there are a lot of people in it that I’d characterize as depressed. This sport really runs you down. It makes you tired. I’m either surrounded by a lot of negativity or just a lot of tired people. Either way, the tired human is not a happy human. For me, I’m eccentric and quirky. I think about things in my own way and I like to share. So I’ve found in that opening myself up to being this strange person that I naturally am—it’s that person that brings the light out in people. It’s just about jumping over the barrier of being judged. No matter what happens in any conversation or any interaction, I guarantee you that the other person is judging himself or herself more than you. Even if they’re totally silent and you’re totally weird. But a small part of them is hopefully inspired. Inspired by you being your natural weird self.