Irish champion Ryan Mullen gets PEZ’d

    Ryan Mullen is currently showing his shamrock jersey and skinsuit in the Tour of Austria. Ahead of his national colors debut, PEZ Cycling talked to the Irishman about his double victory in the national road championships.

    PEZ: Your still in the early stages of your career but are there any long-term ambitions?
    I just want to be World time-trial champion one day, hopefully in the next three or four years. I believe that with the right equipment and environment it can happen. There are not many twenty-two year olds getting top-tens in the WorldTour TTs so in that regard the future is bright.

    PEZ: Is there anything you can learn from the older guys?
    (Laughs) To be honest I teach the guys on my team how to do it so at the moment they’re the ones learning from me. Obviously you can always improve a bit on your pacing and aerodynamics but I think the biggest gains these days can be made in your equipment. There are huge differences in the level of equipment between the top teams so if you get stuck in one of the lesser teams then you are in trouble. It used to be that the strongest guy won the TT but now it has almost come down to who has the best bike. Everyone is doing the same amount of training, resting and eating so the difference all comes down to the investment in the bikes and spending time in the wind tunnel.

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