Q&A with Jonathan Vaughters: Cannondale-Drapac ‘pulled off something incredible’ at Tour de France

    In Paris on Sunday evening, shortly after 2017 Tour de France runner-up Rigoberto Uran climbed onto the podium, Slipstream Sports CEO Jonathan Vaughters spoke to CyclingTips. The thoughtful interview, presented as Q&A, covers topics that include: thoughts about the race as a whole, Cannondale-Drapac’s success at the Tour and what that means in the sport and new team partner Oath. Vaughters also revealed Uran’s upcoming schedule and plans for the 2018 Tour. The first question (and answer) is below. To read them all, click the link below.

    CyclingTips: This is the team’s best ever-result at the Tour de France. What’s your reaction to that?

    Jonathan Vaughters: As I’ve been saying, we come to every race with the objective of making sure that all the riders are prepared the best they can — that the staff has done everything that they can to get the race ready, to do the reconnaissance, to make sure the nutrition is correct, the training is training…whatever. A hundred percent of the effort of the whole team to make things work.

    And, you know, sometimes that ends up being 23rd place and sometimes that ends up being a win. And sometimes that ends up being 10th. And the point of it is, when I’m most happy is when I see that the organization is doing everything it can to achieve the maximum results.

    And you have to be happy with that, whether it’s first or second or fifth or 50th or whatever. It doesn’t matter. And by the way, if you’re taking an anti-doping stance in the sport, you cannot focus on the final result. If you focus on the final result, then you are thinking about, well, I need to get to that final result, and no matter how I get there. We focus on the process, and in this case the process worked great and we’re incredibly happy.

    But I’m more happy about the process. I’m more happy about the people that made it happen. I’m more happy about the fact that you guys, the press, voted us the most easy and accessible team of the Tour de France.

    I’m happy about the fact that Rigo [Uran] is an incredibly nice and humble person. Those are the things, the effort that everyone put in, that’s what makes me happy. This second place – it’s incredible and it’s wonderful, but it’s a number. And, you know, that can disappear. But the ethos and the spirit of the team…that’s what matters.

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