Hugh Carthy’s Guide to Riding Big Hills

    The 2017 Vuelta a España, like its modern predecessors, is a climb heavy route that features nine summit finishes. No surprise then that UK Magazine RISING reached out to Hugh Carthy to chat all things climbing. The 23-year-old shared his top tips for tackling the toughest terrain.

    Everyone knows about the Tour De France but Spain’s La Vuelta is developing a rep as the race with the sickest climbs – we asked Cannondale-Drapac’s rising climbing star how best to attack crazy gradients.

    When it comes to riding a bike up a stonking great hill, 23-year old Brit Hugh Carthy is already forging a solid reputation, finishing last year’s la Vuelta and mixing it up with the best after taking a string of jerseys and the overall win of another Spanish stage race – here’s how he recommends you become your own King Of The Mountains…

    1. Find Your Own Personal Rhythm

    “Getting the right gearing is important – you can be labouring up a climb in too high a gear,” says Hugh Carthy. You do see a lot advice about how to ‘spin’ your way up climbs with an ultra-high cadence, but some pro climbing specialists, including Carthy, seem to disprove this. “I’m quite low cadence when I climb – I tend to churn a gear but that’s my preferred style. You’ve got to find what’s comfortable because what works for one rider doesn’t work for another.” And if all else fails look to change your gearing set-up. “These days you’ve got no excuse not to get up any climb with compact gearing and big cassettes.”

    Read the rest of Carthy’s tips here.