March 1, 2012

Though the first half of the race went great for the Garmin-Barracuda, illness and crashes have taken a toll on the argyle armada. Sporting Director Allan Peiper sent this report.

Tommy D really took some skin off his right leg in his crash on stage 3. It got infected and the medical staff has been working him, but yesterday’s Queen stage to Genting did not help his injury and he suffered. Tom Peterson and Nathan Haas fought like true soldiers after 5 days on the front for Zabriskie and Danielson. They finished 13th and 15th after 32km of climbing with gradient of up to 20%.

Peterson was in a group of ten but got a hunger bonk at 3km from the finish. Two CLIF gels from the car and he picked up within a minute but the group was gone and with the steepest part of the climb there was no coming back. Haas came from further back and finished 100 meters behind Peterson. Peterson the super domestic and Haas the talent for the future. What will this kid do in the future? I am curious. He is fast and can climb pretty well.

Today the longest stage 205km to the other side of the island and a super fast start with 102km covered in the first 2 hrs so 51 average! After 60km 16 riders got away and Raymond Kreder was with them. Our boys never let a group go until the big one went.

The group went out to 4:30 and we thought Raymond had a great chance. As it turned out he won the sprint for fifth. He’s been having a great ride here in Malyasia and he is fast and knows how to race.

Tommy D did not start today due to his infection, and Dave Z is hanging in there. I’m proud of how the team has ridden throughout the race — three days to go and two short stages left. It should be some exciting racing yet!

More photos from the Tour de Langkawi:
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