November 6, 2008

Colby Pearce, Daniel Holloway, Dortmund Six Day, GermanyA report from the Dortmund 6-Day in Westfalenhalle Dortmund, Germany

The Dortmund Six Day finished last night with Daniel (slingee) and I (slinger) taking another three laps on the field, which meant we finished 9th in the overall classification. We were very happy with this result in our first Six.

Holloway also pulled out his first six-day victory in the Miss-n-Out! In case you don’t know how a Miss-n-Out works, we individually race separate events in which the last rider in the pack is eliminated every other lap as they cross the line. The last men standing from each heat race a two-man final. Holloway impressed the field as he rode like a seasoned pro to take the win. He then got to take a victory lap and kiss the flower girl…very nice!

Daniel Holloway, Colby Pearce, Dortmund Six Day, Germany The soigneurs and mechanics bolted about five minutes after the event was over to begin their trip to the next race in Munich, which starts 48 hours later. The traveling circus goes on like this for the entire winter, with staff driving and riders flying from event to event. However, Holloway and I flew home for some R & R and training before we travel over again for Zuidlaren (in the Netherlands).

The week was a memorable experience and both of us enjoyed it enormously. Six day racing really is a hidden refuge of old style european racing. To be on the circuit is a real privilege and the riders at these events have extremely high skill levels. Holloway and I are really good at Madison racing, but these guys are super stars with amazing Jackie Chan abilities.

At the competitions, the riders are looked after in every conceivable way. We are not even allowed to carry our shoes from the locker room into the track center, and chamois cream is pre-applied to our shorts by the soigneurs with a spoon. Everything is taken care of, and once a rider understands the intricacies of the system, he can concentrate on one thing: racing his bike. The entire operation is a universe unlike any other.

Daniel Holloway, Colby Pearce, Dortmund Six Day, Germany Hope you enjoyed our updates this week.

Ciao, CwP

Dortmunder 6 Day Results
1. Erik Zabel/Leif Lampater (GER)
2. Robert Bartko/Andreas Beikirch (GER)
3. Michael Morkov/Alex Rasmussen (DEN)
4. Danilo Hondo/Christian Lademann (GER)
5. Danny Stam/Robert Sliens (NED)
6. Christian Grasmann/Sebastian Siedler (GER)
7. Bruno Risi/Alexei Markov (RUS)
8. Petr Lazar/Alois Kankovsky (CZE)
9. Colby Pearce/Daniel Holloway (USA)
10. Stefan Loffler/Daniel Musiol (GER)
11. Christian Bach/Karl-Christian Konig (GER)
12. Marc Hester (DEN)/Sebastian Frey (GER)
13. Mariusz Wiesiak/Milan Kadlec (CZE)