August 19, 2008

The risk of crashing on a bike is to a considerable extent decided simply by how much time a person spends out on the bike. While race time is obviously the time we see and think about most with our guys, in fact they spend a lot more time on the bike outside of racing. So when they injure themselves in training, it always comes as a bit of a surprise though it probably shouldn’t.

Dan Pate, just home from strong Tour of Utah effort in support of Blake Caldwell, managed to eat it today while out on a training ride on his mountain bike. He sustained a sizeable laceration on his shin just below his knee. The wound was cleaned and sutured at a local Colorado Springs emergency department. Dan will have to take antibiotics for five days, but should be able to train normally after two days of rest. Next on his schedule are the US Pro Championships and the Tour of Missouri, which he should be good for if all goes well.