July 12, 2008

Peter Stetina

It’s 11pm here and we just finished a dinner of takeout Italian food in the hotel breakfast room. It was one of the more lively dinners we’ve had this week with all of us sharing stories of near crashes, crashes, and could have been crashes from the crit we just finished. Unfortunately, Peter and Jason were both victims of big pileups. They lost some skin, but no broken bones and they’ll be okay for tomorrow.

Dan Holloway showed off his national criterium champion jersey right from the gun in a 5-rider break. Initially the field was fine with letting the group go. Toyota had Ivan Stevic in the break, so it was a pretty good situation for them. Until somebody clued them in that Daniel was the fastest sprinter in the field. So about halfway through, their whole team went to the front and started bringing back the break. With less than 10 laps to go, Holloway’s group was caught. With the tight course, Toyota held their lead out train together on the front and took the win.

It seemed like it was just another race day, but we had a 14 mile time trial this morning, where we moved up in GC, with 5 of us now between 8th and 12th. The time trial was a pretty straightforward course with a gradual uphill on the way out and and a screaming downhill on the way back. We all had 56-tooth chain rings fitted to the time trial rigs after scouting the course out in the morning.

A busy day and things are pretty much status quo. We’ve got a good plan for today though. The stage starts out with a pretty stiff climb up to 6000 ft with another mountain top finish. It’ll suit our team well.

Pictured above right: Peter Stetina in BYR jersey is 8th in GC and leads Best Young overall (VMG/Felt’s Caleb Fairly is in blue behind.)

Team Garmin-Chipotle H3O stage 3 ITT results
1. Levi Leipheimer 28’07”
9. Steven Cozza +2’02”
10. Peter Stetina +2’06
11. Tom Danielson +2’11”
15. Tom Peterson +2’20”
23. Pat McCarty +2’31”
28. Blake Caldwell +2’41”
32. Jason Donald +2’50”
86. Daniel Holloway +4’34”

Team Garmin-Chipotle H3O stage 4 criterium results
1. Dominique Rollin 1h29’53”
11. Tom Danielson
12. Daniel Holloway
18. Blake Caldwell
**20. Caleb Fairly (VMG/Felt)
22. Tom Peterson
39. Peter Stetina
47. Steven Cozza
51. Pat McCarty
79. Jason Donald

Team Garmin-Chipotle H3O GC
1. Levi Leipheimer 7h49’35”
8. Peter Stetina +3’32”
9. Steven Cozza +3’35”
10. Tom Peterson +3’38”
11. Pat McCarty +4’05”
12. Blake Caldwell +4’05”
46. Tom Danielson +9’07”
**91. Caleb Fairly +16’40″**
94. Daniel Holloway +17’31”
118. Jason Donald +30’55”

Best Young Rider Overall
1. Peter Stetina +7h53’07”
2. Steven Cozza +3″
3. Tom Peterson +6″

Team GC
1. Team Garmin-Chipotle H3O 23h35’46”
2. BMC +1’38”
3. Team Type 1 +2’44”