July 11, 2008

Tom Peterson stage 2 CascadeMirroring the efforts of their teammates in France, Team Garmin-Chipotle is also leading the Team GC at the Cascade Classic. The young squad also has a hold on the best young rider race with Tom Peterson, Peter Stetina and Steven Cozza in the top three.

Your daily race report from Blake:
In a complete turnaround from yesterday’s stage, we went on the offensive, putting the other teams in a position to chase. After 30 km, a break of ten with Tom Peterson and Steven Cozza established itself and quickly got one minute, two minutes, and eventually four minutes, as the group motored away from the chasing field.

Steven Cozza Cascade stage 2When the climbing began in earnest, the break still held a four-minute lead and were going for the stage win. Cozza went first putting in a big attack and holding a 20 second gap. This set it up for Tom Peterson (pictured above) to go up the road with eventual stage winner Matt Wilson of Team Type 1. Tom took an excellent 2nd place and Cozza held on to 4th.

Back in the field, the rest of us were able to conserve while BMC and Rock Racing set the pace. Up the final climb, Pat, Peter, and myself hung on to the leaders with Levi setting the pace and eventually distancing himself from the rest. All three of us finished close together, just behind Santiago Botero and Chris Baldwin. The GC standings will be a little churned up after today’s stage. But with five of us now in the running, we have some good numbers going into today’s 15-mile time trial and two hard stages on Saturday and Sunday.

Go Cozza signTeam Garmin-Chipotle H3O stage 2 results
1. Matt Wilson 3h01’17”
2. Tom Peterson +00″
4. Steven Cozza +56″
13. Blake Caldewell +2’16”
14. Peter Stetina +2’18”
17. Pat McCarty +2’20”
33. Jason Donald +3’54”
72. Tom Danielson +5’36”
113. Daniel Holloway +9’34”

Team Garmin-Chipotle H3O GC
1. Matt Wilson 5h50’58”
10. Tom Peterson +1’55”
13. Blake Caldwell +2’01”
14. Peter Stetina +2’03”
15. Steven Cozza +2’10”
16. Pat McCarty +2’11”
72. Tom Danielson +7’33”
108. Daniel Holloway +13’34”

Best Young Rider Overall
1. Tom Peterson 5h52’53”
2. Peter Stetina +8″
3. Steven Cozza +15″

Team GC
1. Team Garmin-Chipotle H3O 17h35’27”
2. Team Type 1 +49″
3. BMC +3’04”